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Moving In

Moving In

Welcome to Koenig and Sons Properties and your new home!  We make a concerted effort to provide you with clean, pleasant and affordable rental property in stable and safe neighborhoods.  We trust you will be a good tenant and good neighbor to those around you.


Being a tenant is different than checking into a hotel.  As a tenant you are given the privilege of living in a property that is owned by someone else.  As a part of the privilege, you have an obligation to treat the property as though it did not belong to you, keeping it clean and in good condition.  You also incur a responsibility to the other tenants in your property.  For the benefit and enjoyment of all, you are expected to adhere to reasonable rules and policies.


When you moved in several things happened.

  • You signed a Lease – a legal document
  • The Rules of Tenant Occupancy and Drug Free Housing were reviewed with you
  • You received a Move-in Inspection Report (part of your lease) and asked to return it within 5 days of your moving in. This is an attestation of the condition of your unit when you moved in.
  • You were given a Tenant Information Booklet outlining rules and operational policies regarding your tenancy and Koenig and Sons, LLC.
  • You were given your set of keys to the property.
  • Photos were taken of your unit to document the condition of the unit at the time of your occupancy.
  • You indicated, by your signature, that you had an understanding of all the terms of the Lease and the Rules and Policies of being a tenant.


We have made every effort to assure your unit is very clean and fresh.  In some cases it may have been newly painted.  Carpets have been professionally cleaned.  You have either new or “good as new” blinds on all your windows.  Smoke alarms have been checked to make sure they are working.  All your kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures have been thoroughly cleaned and determined to be in good working order.  We trust you will do your part to maintain your unit in that condition until your departure.  We also request that while you are here you will notify us in a timely fashion of any maintenance or repair problems that occur so that we can fix them for you promptly.


Payment for rent and any other charges is due on or before the 1st of each month.


You will receive a statement each month providing you with an itemization of the charges that are due and payable on your account.  These charges include rent, pet fees, late fees, administrative fees or charges for maintenance or repair you are responsible for.


Again, we are pleased you have selected us for your new home.  We hope you will be with us for an extended period of time and that you will be pleased also with your time with us and enjoy your residence with Koenig and Sons Properties.

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