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Cleaning & Repairs

Cleaning & Repairs

Repairs can come in many forms, ranging from routine maintenance to serious issues.  The question most tenants have when something is not working properly is, “Who is responsible for fixing the problem?”


Generally, problems relating to areas of routine care and maintenance are the responsibility of the tenant.  Tenants can help to minimize repairs they are responsible for by taking good care of their homes, appliances and fixtures.  For example, if you keep your sink and tub drains free of hair, your drains are less likely to become clogged.  If you keep your heating and air conditioner filters changed, your units will operate more efficiently and cost you less in electricity costs.  If you keep your stove and oven clean of grease, you are less likely to have a flare-up.   If you put only toilet paper and human waste in your toilet you are less likely to have a clogged sewer system and the expense to you of having it cleared.


Repairs relating to the building, general plumbing system, broken or non-operating appliances, heating or air systems are the responsibility of the Owner.  The lists below will provide you some examples of common problems and who is responsible for them.


Examples of Tenant Responsibility

  • Changing of light bulbs
  • Replacing fuses
  • Clearing a blocked sink
  • Tightening screws on loose cupboard door
  • Cleaning stairs
  • Changing filters
  • General thorough cleaning
  • Mice or roaches after 2 weeks from move in
Examples of Owner Responsibility

  • Roof leaking
  • Heating system breaks down
  • Repainting of building exteriors
  • Major drainage issues
  • Electrical sockets broken or not working
  • Broken bathroom fixtures
  • Broken appliances
  • Mice or roaches in first 2 weeks of move in

If there is a question of who is responsible, the Apartment Manager can help you understand your responsibilities and the appropriate course of action.


Remember that tenants are never authorized to contract for repairs on their own and our repair team has been instructed not to undertake repairs at the direction of a tenant.  If a repair person is required, they must be retained by the Apartment Manager, even if the particular repair ends up being the responsibility of the tenant.


You should advise the Apartment Manager promptly of all needed repairs.  Failure to do so could result in additional damage to the property and significant additional expense to you.  Remember that the use of emergency calls is for genuine emergencies only.


You received on your move in a “Tenant Information Booklet – An A-Z Guide to your new tenancy”.  A more thorough discussion of the notification of repair issues and timeframes for repairs can be found there.  You can click on the “Move In” button on the Tenant Homepage and it will give you the option of downloading this document again.


We encourage you to use the “Report a Maintenance Problem” function at the top of the sidebar throughout the tenant section of our website.

You will find a number of links in the sidebar on the right to helpful videos for cleaning, maintenance and minor repair issues.

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